Valentines Day for Children

Valentines Day for Children 2

  Valentines Day for Children can be a happy time or a conflicted one. Here are a couple of Ask Dr. Vicki questions I have received over the past year: Does my child have to give a valentine to everyone in the class? Dr. Vicki’s comments: Valentines Day for children means being nice to everyone, even if you don’t like them! Generally, in the younger grades, kids are encouraged to give valentines... 

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Valentine’s Day for Mom: Single or Pregnant or Stay-at-Home

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Valentines Day for Mom 1

  Valentine’s Day for Mom: Stay-at-Home How can my husband and I have a good Valentine’s Day when we have to stay in?  Dr. Vicki’s response: Well, your Valentine’s Day for Mom scenario begins with defining what ‘staying in’ means.  Since this is a family site, you will have to use your imagination for any answer over PG! “Staying in” can range from being... 

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