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Moving out of the parents’ house for first time can be rough. Whether it’s for college, a job or the military, no matter if it’s an apartment far away or close by, there is almost always an adjustment process after leaving the nest.

“It can be a very emotional and stressful time,” said Dr. Vicki Panaccione, a child psychologist in Melbourne (FL).
Panaccione said the stress can come from nervousness, excitement, and having to take on more responsibility.
“When you move out, all of the sudden you’re juggling a lot of balls,” she said.

Beating homesickness:
From local child psychologist Dr. Vicki Panaccione:

For the newly moved out
• Make frequent contact with home. Arrange ahead of time when you will call your parents — every Sunday evening, for example. You also can keep in touch throughout the week by instant messaging and e-mails.
• Have possessions and pictures around your new place that remind you of home.
• There are many ways to get involved on college campuses. Go to the gym; find a study buddy. If you are really having a hard time, see a counselor.

For parents:
• The best way to prepare your kids for life on their own is to start early. Teach them how to do laundry and other basic life skills during their adolescence. Help them find an organizational strategy and work on scheduling before they move out.
• Encourage your child to call you instead of calling them. Sometimes you have to back away.

As published in Florida Today.

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