Parents Death on the Rise

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Teenagers who kill aren’t really getting more common, but two recent high-profile homicides—plus the case of an 18-year old charged with killing his Melbourne father and stepmother—bring the issue into sharp focus.

“I do think these cases are very shocking, so I think they’re going to get a lot of press,” said psychologist (Dr.) Vicki Panaccione, who sees a disturbing trend among teenagers that could lead to increased violence.

“I see teenagers developing less impulse control and less self-control,” she said. “The other thing that is lacking is teaching kids anger management.”

Psychological research shows that some factors are routinely associated with the killing of parents: physical abuse, substance abuse, the presence of guns, the presence of stepparents and mental illness.

As published in Florida Today, Nov 30, 2005.
Florida Today

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  1. Dr. Vicki Panaccione says:

    A reader asked the question,
    “How do you recover from Substance Abuse?”

    While I am not a substance abuse specialist, I know that recovery and continuing sobriety can be very difficult. My understanding is that the best way to remain drug/alcohol free is with a great deal of support from family, friends and groups such as AA or NA. These organizations can provide the structure, inspiration and guidance to help teach new ways of coping with problem situations. And having a sponsor can provide non-judgmental support, which often is difficult for family members to give. Additionally, Al-Anon groups are very helpful for families to participate in, to help understand the disease of the abuser, as well as what part they play and don’t play in the continued recovery process. It’s important to remember that no matter how long someone is away from substances, the philosophy of the 12-step program is always one day at a time, and a life-long commitment to remaining substance-free. You can find your local AA/NA and Al-Anon groups on-line. Good for you for reaching out. Glad you asked.