Parents Want Sex Ed to Teach More Topics Than Abstinence

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Parents want schools to teach their children about birth control, abortion and sexual orientation but continue to emphasize abstinence, a national report released Tuesday indicates.

Brevard licensed psychologist Dr. Vicki Panaccione agrees abstinence is the only way teens are sure to steer clear of pregnancy and diseases, but said it is silly to believe that alone will work.

“I think it’s unrealistic to think that kids are going to wait. It’s a shame, and I think we all need to support abstinence, but I think we also need to get information out to (teens).

Although Panaccione doesn’t want condom machines in the boys’ locker room, she believes kids need an open forum to ask questions, and she’s not sure schools are providing that.

“I don’t see a lot of kids getting a whole lot from health (classes),” she said. “I respect that schools aren’t (deciding) values, but I think we can’t be too clinical in the approach either. That’s not what teens need. They need an open forum where they are comfortable asking questions about things like abortion and sexual orientation.”

As published in Florida Today, Sept. 27, 2000.
Florida Today

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