Prescription for Danger

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Kids are under the dangerously false impression that prescription medications carry less risk than illegal drugs bought on the street.

Expert say teenagers are often willing to take any medication as long as it produces an altered state. An incredibly risky trend in prescription drug abuse is poly-drugging; taking a combination of prescription medications at the same time or taking them while consuming alcohol. “Some kids go to parties where there are hundreds of prescription drugs on a table in all colors and sizes, and they just grab a handful,” says Vicki Panaccione, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in Melbourne, Florida. “They will proudly tell me that they have never done coke or crack. In the next breath, they tell me how many prescription pills they tried at a party. They feel it’s not illegal and it’s O.K. because a doctor has prescribed the pills.”

While many teens can easily find prescription drugs at home or at the home of a pal, medications are also often swapped with friends, bought from drug dealers or purchased online.

As published in Family Circle Magazine.
Family Circle Magazine

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