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Whether by force or choice, politicians, celebrities and even neighbors are admitting to illegal drug and alcohol use. But as a parent, would you tell? And just for fun, let’s make it even more interesting. Would you tell if your children asked you directly? “Yes, there are some things that are none of the child’s business, like details about a parent’s sex life, licensed psychologist Dr. Vicki Panaccione said. “But parents should be as honest as they can when talking about learning experiences. They can say, ‘I did experiment with marijuana or alcohol, but this is what I learned.’ I don’t encourage lying to your children.” Panaccione, who counsels children and teens, figures many youngsters will experiment with drugs, sex and alcohol. Children as young as 12 have acknowledged such behaviors. “So, we might as well guide them as much as possible based on our own experiences,” she said. “If the kids are asking, it’s because they want information. If you shut them off, then you are losing an opportunity to have a conversation about this.”

As published in Florida Today.
Florida Today

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